Saturday, 29 January 2011

Blockage of creative juices

Everyone gets a creative block sometimes, so to help get past a recent one of my own I went back to a much older style of mine and started on some character illustrations.

The kid, as he is simply called, is more along the line of a comic book super hero character, crossed with a little Japanese manga and thrown into the Marvel and DC universes.
A teen age boy in appearance, Kid is the result of research into lost precursor technology. An archaeological dig in the Himalayas uncovers a series of remarkable finds from a long lost civilisation, among which is a device seeming to contain a wealth of technological information.
The device passes through several hands before being claimed by those of your typical evil corporation or super villain firm of choice, who decide to gain complete one to one access of the information stored within.

To this aim they artificially grow a human body around the artefact, essentially creating a child as the interface for the device. But it did not take long before it became clear that this device was less of a store of knowledge, and in fact a direct link to knowledge, the some total of it.
In essence, they had a person who contained a direct wireless link to the Akashic records, something they were tapped into from their creation.
The end result, a person who could recall any piece of information that could conceivably exist, and the knowledge to form the shape of that information in the physical world.
You may think, a person with the building blocks of creation in their hands is a little too powerful to let loose, so did his makers, whom decided to program his brain while he was still being formed inside the lab.

This is where you insert the dramatic entrance of the Super hero team, blowing huge chunks out of the lab and smashing all sorts of delicate equipment. Right at the worst but last possible moment.
The implanted commands that were going to be loaded into the kids brain are instead replaced with heavily corrupted personal files, in this case the music library of the computer system.

While still limiting their creations power, now his access to the records, his ability to form and create and to fight are all limited to whatever music is stuck in his head at the time.
So to drive him into a battle frenzy in which guns and swords drop out of air around him, all you would need is to psych him up with some heavy metal, while some ambient electronica would mellow him out.
Just don't try country and western.

(in progress photoshop)

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