Saturday, 12 February 2011

Karl marx, In the forest, at night with the semi automatic

Comic Book Kid

So a variety of projects are under way right now.
I've made some progress on The Kid, although as a personal project that's mostly on the side to keep in practice.

The colours in this are far too strong for anything other than a personal project, although its helping me find a few new techniques.
For instance, the rubbish effect is infact a a series of overlays and underlays of a forest floor, altered to give it a diffuse appearance.

Woodland Darkness, Silver path project

A recent theme we've all had the distinct joy of toying with is Time, both with the long term Time project and the recently finished time and place project. A smaller project in which we were asked to look at various locations and times and depict them in an ambitious way.

The early stage of this can be seen in the gallery (all the way down the bottom if you haven't seen it) where I reproduced my walk too and from university both during the day and night.

Later this was turned into a pair of A2 posters to be displayed side by side.

And with this it was the unanimous decision that the Night time project was the best one to proceed with.

Now the experimental nature of this project is that it contain action script to create an illusion of 3D.

As a demo have a screenshot.

Karl Marx, this is your life

So I've expressed my interest in Marx before and with good reason, a project has us looking at a variety of philosophers and I drew Marx.

This means I have to actually work with Marx, not just read about him.
So what I am actually going to produce is the design, ideas and perhaps a demo for an informational game on the life and works of Good old Karl Marx.

A simple sketchy design Aesthetic to keep to that within the books we were each handed.

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