Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Still soldiering on

Karl Marx

Nope I haven't forgotten this project, in fact its been a key focus of late.

An opening screen, seeing as we're working with the original Icon books series, what better cover could there be?

Dun dun dudun. du dun dudun. Hmmm? Oh right. Segment two of Marx's life is his wedding to dear Jenny.
note the organ pipes, the copy of the Rhenish on the floor of the isle and the flowers by the alter.

Ahh the desk job. One of the more miserable parts of Marx's life, his time in Paris where he worked in  job he could not stand.

The Silver Path

Well I didn't expect this one to go on for so long, but no matter how close to an end it seems to get I just don't want to put it down.

With the code all finished and the new animated segments edited in I could call it a day here with this project but I think I'll just keep dropping in the occasional thing here and there.
Fingers crossed this LINK works.

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