Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Standing on the edge


No I haven't forgotten about this place but, phew what a couple of months.

Final hand ins, placement opportunities, job hunting for the summer.
And to top it off unstable internet and the HMRC office asking me about work I did two years ago, talk about a time delay.

So yes I've been busy, and then I've been prevented from getting online, but I'm online now so I best make the most of it while I can.


Well this years hand in is finished now I just need to talk about it in the morning.

Having been given an aggressively small time limit and a ridiculous number of slides to fill up the presentation will look less like an overview of a years work and more like an episode of zero punctuation without the swearing.

Anyway, fingers crossed.

Personal time

Mostly concerned with finding a placement and getting the last university things wrapped up before heading back to Berwick for the the summer.
But I've been continuing the sketch of Damien (albeit slowly) and finally done something I've been planning for a while.

Some people may know my online title Guilt Blade, based on a story I wrote a while back. Well the story is mostly forgotten but the name stuck.
But the image I used to have for the blade dates back before my ability to sketch and my usage of photoshop.
So whenever people asked me what the name meant I would tell them the story and show them a rather dull looking, scratchy doodle.
No longer, as a new image has just been finished (about 2 hours work on a graphics tablet) complete with rather over the top flame background.


Basic colour

Additional colour and shade


Clean up and done

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  1. Hey Jonathan
    Sorry this might not be the best idea ive had asking you here but I've been trying to get in contact with you for months. I lost the bit of paper with your new email address on so i've been trying ring you. Can you email me or ring me sometime so I know you are fine. They are my usual ones.
    Thanks and sorry for asking on here
    The art work looks fantastic but since we both know you like more constructive commentry. I think that you are missing some shadows where the rope goes under the yellow material.